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Horror Scary

Łaźnię sprzed ponad tysiąca lat odkopano w Małopolsce « Archeowieści

Temat: gatelength 0 - is that no gate or a very short trigger?
Perhaps it's just me worrying too much: I do a lot of work with industrial control systems, and whenever we've had problems it's been something in the outside world of the machine upsetting the micro. I've got some very scary horror stories too: like the toolpost box on a CNC lathe that had a low voltage position sensing switch wired direct to an I/O card on a PDP11 computer, (old, well cool mini computer), and a mains operated positioner, nicely opto isolated from the control gear. Very good, until someone got a coolant leak. Then the liquid joined the sensor to the mains drive and put 240 Volts onto the DEC Q-Bus. Tough old birds those PDP11's, I only had to rebuild the IO card. More...

Temat: Jakie filmy polecacie?
Zalezy jaki gatunek preferujesz Moje ulubiona i te ktore pamietam to : Hills have eyes 1,2 - s-f u pana boga w ogrodku - pl komedia zabujczy szept -thriller to z nowszych a starsze american pie (cala seria 1-5? )-komedia pila - horror scary movie 1-x -komedia to tyle jak cos sobie przypomne to dopisze

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